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The Innocence Test - The Rice Purity Test for 2021
over 1 year ago

              Rice Purity

The Rice Purity test is a perfect innocence survey created in the 1980s by students at Rice University in Houston, Texas.


The Innocence Test is a new test created by two TikTok users from Oregon, Grace Wetsel, and Ella Menashe, who decided to update the Rice Purity Test for the new era.

What is a Rice Purity Test?


The new version of the purity test had previously become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic on social media, and the new version soon blew up, with the video posted on TikTok by Wetsel and Menashe racking up more than 3 million views just one day after it was posted on December 28.


The test grew so popular that the college-student creators made a new website for it. You can take the test here. Like the Rice Purity Test, The Purity Test asks questions about drugs, relationships, run-ins with the law, lying, and other thought holders.


After determining your score, the test website will assess your results, and give you a quippy answer, calling you something like a “baddie,” “rebel,” “corrupt,” “barbaric,” “angel” or “sweetheart,” depending on how reliable your answers make you out to be. The results range from 0 percent, most innocent, to 100 percent, least innocent.


On The Innocence Test website, Wetsel and Menashe addressed, “fun fact, the Rice Purity Test was made in the 80s. that means that it carries none of the quintessential 21st-century revolutionary activities.


Welcome to two best friends-imagining of the classic purity test, we hope you have as much fun as we did.” The Innocence Test is made up of 100 issues and includes topics that weren’t even an idea in someone’s head in the 1980s when the Rice Purity Test was created, like issues about dating apps, whether you’ve ever with someone or if you’ve used Snapchat to stalk someone’s location.


Because it’s 2020, the survey of course includes the question of whether you’ve had COVID-19, asking if you’ve “corona” Test takers can indicate off all the things they’ve made in their life, and then the website will determine the user’s score.


The Creators of the Viral TikTok Innocence Test

The two authors of The Innocence Test said in a December 29 TikTok video that they didn’t require it to go viral as it did, assuming they hoped at least 40 people would take The Innocence Test.


But it had more than 1.3 people replies in under 24 hours, they said. “We did it its website, so go take that one,” Wetsel said in a new video. Thousands of TikTok users have responded to their videos showing their rates and returning to the test and smiling at the quippy titles the test website churns out for those who take it.


Wetsel, who now has more than 25,000 followers on TikTok, jokes in her profile she was previously best known because “Barstool reposted me once.” Wetsel is a writer for the academic food website Spoon University, where she states in her bio, “am a neuroscience program and a Spanish minor at Emory University. Other than the food, my emotions include photography, music, skiing, and anything involving the ocean.


Final Words


Find out your purity score now! Just answer 100 simple questions and this test will tell you your compatibility level as a college student. Match your score with your friends and see who’s got more swag! Want to understand also about this essay, how to play it, and the rice purity test score meaning, read the complete details below.









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